E-girl is a new subculture.  You will not meet them on the street, because these bright young ladies live exclusively in social nets: Instagram, Twitch, Tik-Tok and Tumblr. The name “E-girl” comes from two words: electronic (“E”) and “girl”. So E-girl literally means “electronic girl”, which indicates the main features of the subculture.

The Urban Dictionary of modern vocabulary translates the term “e-girl” as: “a kind of emo that is usually found on TikTok, but often spends time on Tumblr. You can recognize her by the pink eye shadow and arrows around her eyes, the little hearts under her eyes, and the reddened nose.”

E-girls – are girls whose defining qualities are perfect look and always online. Their main difference from other fashion influencers is that they do not gain followers when they post photos from luxury hotels and restaurants, they are almost always in their room. On website MyWearShop.com you will find the most trending aesthetic e-girl clothing and accessories!

E-girls makeup and hair style
E-girls makeup style
gothic girl style

Where can you meet egirl?

Until 2018, egirl could only be found on Twitch, now they often appear on the popular Tik-Tok network. All of them, without exception, have Instagram accounts in which they show their images. You’ll always know if you come across an e-girl page, because they build a literally unearthly personality. But only in social networks, of course. If you want to join the e-girl community, you should download Tik-Tok, because without this social network, it is difficult to imagine a representative of this subculture.

E-girl on TikTok
E-girl outlook
E-girl on TikTok

How to be an e-girl. Aesthetic makeup outfit ideas.

The image of e-girl is a combination of elements of the subculture of skateboarding, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, BDSM and goth subculture. E-girl is like an anime cosplayer who listens to Lil Pip music. And of course, we can find a lot in common with the kawaii culture (literally “adorable, cute, lovely”), so popular in Japan. It’s hard not to notice the similarities between e-girl and Japanese teenagers.

Make-up and colorful hair – this is the main and most striking distinguishing feature of the image of e-girl:

  • BRIGHT HAIR: lime, pink, blue and turquoise;
  • large arrows;
  • an abundance of blush on the cheeks;
  • blush on the nose or bridge of the nose for the effect of a red nose;
  •  painted freckles or hearts on the cheekbones;
  • makeup with bright colors, sequins, false eyelashes.

But this is not the only distinguishing feature of e-girl.

E-girl makeup
E-girl hair style
E-girl makeup outfit

Clothing and accessories play an important role:

  • oversized T-shirts, mesh tops;
  •  jeans and high-waisted trousers;
  •  a T-shirt over a turtleneck;
  •  things with the logo of your favorite band (grunge and punk bands);
  • checkered shirts.

Mostly in their style, girl deftly combines grunge, emo aesthetics, gothic and Japanese kawaii style, creating interesting combinations.

And don’t forget: for a complete egirl look, you need accessories: piercings, colored hair clips, various chains, tiny sunglasses, different bracelets.

Let’s understand the aesthetic outfit in more detail:


Oversized T-shirts with a grunge or Gothic print are an integral part of the E-girl wardrobe. They can be worn with black jeans or straight pants with a high waist, as well as with a pleated skirt. Often, striped turtleneck shirts are worn under the T-shirts.

E-girl oversized anime t-shirt
E-girl T-shirt
E-girl T-shirt with print

Pleated Skirts

Pleated schoolgirl skirts are often used for the E-girl style. They can be checkered, plaid or black gothic with a cross print. They are perfectly combined with grunge torn or mesh tights, as well as various chains and belts. High-platform boots will perfectly match the pleated skirt to complete the look.

Githic style skirt
E-girl pleated open skirt with shorts
E-girl pleated skirt

Gothic dresses

Chic black dresses in the Gothic style are just perfect for the E-girl look. It is necessary to wear jewelry chains or a leather bandage with these dresses. And a  leather choker with spikes or rings will look great.

Gothic style dress
E-girl black dress
Gothic e-girl dress

High-waisted pants or leggings

Most often, the aesthetic look includes high-waisted pants, cargo pants, or leggings with a gothic print.

checkered aesthetic pants
cargo e-girl pants
aesthetic pants with hight waist

Cropped tops

Short cropped tops perfectly emphasize the waist and allow you to show a little your cute tummy! There can be a variety of prints on the tops: cute butterflies or hearts, dragons and Gothic letters. Tops can be strapless or with chains instead of straps. They can be in the style of Gothic, soft girl or y2k. Under the tops, mesh T-shirts with long sleeves are often worn

Y2K crop top
aesthetic cropped top with dragon
E-girl crop top with chain


High-platform shoes, chunky black boots and trendy sneakers are the most favorite items in the aesthetic style of E-girl.

High-platform boots
trendy sneakers
High-platform E-girl shoes

Harajuku style

Harajuku style has become very fashionable recently. Shirts with anime prints or favorite anime characters are a frequent feature in the aesthetic fashion collections. Kawaii cosplay dresses and lolita cute shoes are perfectly combined with bright colored hair and ponytail hairstyle. Oversized sweaters and a pleated skirt will create a cute anime schoolgirl look.

Harajuku kawaii style
Amine print T-shirt
Harajuku clothes


Aesthetic outfit can not be complete without a lot of jewelry with chains,  flame pendants, locks, blades or crosses. Punk earrings with chains and many pendants, a huge number of rings and wide leather wristbands  – that’s makes your look unforgettable! Leather choker is  a must-have item for the e-girl aesthetic look. A wide leather belt with a chain is also often found in the Egirl style. Black bags with Gothic elements will complement the style, and of course you can not forget about the most unusual and bright sunglasses.

Leather gothic choker
Leather belt with chains
Gothic Punk earrings with cross
Flame sunglasses
Gothic black bag
E-girl E-boy Rings set with chains and cross