Many people think that the Gothic style is only suitable for thematic parties and Halloween, but this is not true. Fashion designers bring elements of Gothic culture to their latest collections every year. Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Valentino, and other fashion houses show us Gothic elements that can be added to the wardrobe.

Aesthetic Gothic style – fashion outfit details.

Gothic style in clothing does not mean only black color! Our article will help you understand the elements of the modern Gothic style, and on our website you will find all the necessary clothes to create your dark image.

The Gothic style is divided into several directions:

Steampunk. A combination of classic medieval clothing and elements of futuristic dystopia. The iconic elements of the direction are bronze accessories, high rough boots, and raincoats.

Vintage Gothic. Gothic retrofits can be recognized by lace, ruffles, dark muted colors, and corsets. The makeup of the Victorian Gothic girl is softer — instead of dark lipstick, it is better to use a rich red one.

Cyber-gothic. Fans of cyber-gothic wear things in bright neon colors, leather things, short tight black dresses, and outfits with metallic decor.

Punk-gothic. Punk-gothic differs from other trends in that it has more freedom for self-expression. Do you want to add a rebellious mood to your wardrobe? Buy lace-up shoes, bright checkered clothes, and T-shirts with unusual prints.

Despite the fact that the Goth subculture quickly divided into many trends, there are still characteristic features for the Gothic style:

  • the predominance of black color; a clear silhouette, sharp lines; details that relate to the past centuries, early or late Middle Ages, Renaissance, Victorian era;
  • the combination of different textures in the suit – for example, vinyl and tulle, velvet and latex, satin and leather;
  • a lot of jewelry made of white metal: chains, massive rings, chokers with chains and leather, crosses in various forms on jewelry and clothing (earrings, necklaces, pendants). Gold-colored jewelry is unacceptable for the Gothic style.
  • specific symbols – Celtic cross and Egyptian Ankh, crucifixes, skulls, and skeletons, bats, black cats… And other emblems that evoke associations with death and witchcraft;
  • spectacular, dramatic makeup with an emphasis on the eyes, the whiteness of the face, and “bloody” lips.

Let’s take a look at the Gothic outfit in detail. We will tell you how to create your own Gothic look!

Aesthetic Gothic clothes are predominantly black, combined with contrasting accents: white, red.

Dark saturated colors are allowed – purple, burgundy, green, blue;

Clear silhouettes, straight flying lines;

Gothic dresses have a vintage style, mostly dark color.

Pleated skirts (often black, with crosses and chains), fluffy skirt with black lace, mini or maxi length;

For tops, it is possible to use lacing, lace, mesh. Corsets and harness are worn over clothing.

Loose T-shirts with a Gothic print: crosses, drawings on the theme of witches, demons, cats, spiders, and other things related to witchcraft, death, vampires, the moon.

Some openness of outfits, close to the theme for adults – mesh stockings with leather garters, straps, transparent mesh T-shirts, open tops

Massive shoes on a high platform, with chains, rivets, buckles

Long fingerless mesh gloves, lace long gloves with lacing

Accessories: a lot of massive jewelry with chains, pendants with locks, crosses, pins. This rule is also suitable for rings and earrings. Rings for several fingers, with chains, or for the whole finger are very well suited for a gothic look. Earrings with long pendants, chains, piercing sets. Jewelry is only made of silver, white gold or platinum is allowed, but yellow metal is absolutely unacceptable. These are rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings in the form of Celtic crosses, figures of dragons, bats, cats. Precious stones: diamond, sapphire, pearl, semiprecious-all with a cold and black color.

An excellent detail that complements your image will be a choker with spikes and chains, wristbands. Do not forget about bags and backpacks in the Gothic style: black bags with pentagrams, rivets, wings, or skulls – a must-have in your Gothic collection! Glasses – often round, can be decorated with spikes.

Gothic aesthetic makeup

Gothic makeup is a dense layer of white makeup on the face, complete absence of blush, black eyeliner, pencil or eye shadow, dark or blood-red matte lipstick. Nails are painted with black polish. It is best if the manicure and makeup are done a little carelessly. Classic Goth hairstyle-straight black hair. It’s a good idea to make them look slightly dirty. For a romantic image, curls and lush hairstyles are acceptable. Many Gothesses prefer red or ash-colored hair.