When talking about the punk style, we often imagine massive chains, spikes, rivets, bright and unusual hairstyles. Of course, all this is directly related to the punk culture, but do not forget that it is also an influential social movement. The style is directly related to the development of musical trends in rock. Rock leaders became the idols of millions of punks around the world. Representatives of Punk culture often rebelled against the political system. In the modern world, where people are subordinated to the system, and everyone tries to fit the social norms and rules, Punks declare themselves through their style of clothing, show their uniqueness, and the spirit of rebellion! Website MyWearShop.com – this is the online store of aesthetic Punk clothing for you!

If you want to support the idea of a Punk personality or you just like this style, here are a few basic elements of the punk image that you can include in your everyday wardrobe.

Characteristic features of the style:

  • torn, battered, clothes;
  • careless haircuts and hairstyles, dyed in bright colors of hair;
  • rough shoes;
  • lots of metal decorating details;
  • leather goods, including clothing and accessories;
  • cuts on clothing and fastening them with pins.


Punks wear exclusively massive rough lace-up shoes, with rivets, hooks, on the platform, with chains and metallic decor. Denim or black textile sneakers also fit the image well.

Checkered clothing

Checkered shirt is very often present in many fashionable images. In the style of Punk, it is advisable to wear a shirt unbuttoned, with ragged sleeves or tied carelessly at the waist.

Also often in the style of punk, you can often find such things as a plaid skirt, or pants. Pants can be sewn from a checkered fabric of different colors. Contrasting options are welcome – yellow-green, red-black, white-blue, and others. If desired, the usual short flared skirt, and the corset can also be checked.

Ripped jeans

Another distinctive detail of the Punk look is jeans with holes along the entire length. Jeans can be a variety of colors, but black is preferable. Holes can also be of various sizes and shapes. Of course, torn jeans are already sold in stores, but it is quite possible to make holes in the jeans yourself!

Wide belt with chain

Along with jeans, they often wear a wide leather belt with two rows of holes and attach a chain to it on the hip. A wide belt is often found in aesthetic clothing. The chain belt also fits perfectly with pleated skirts.


Oversized T-shirts with a print of your favorite music groups, provocative inscriptions, or images on the theme of rock and metal music – this is what must be in the wardrobe of a Punk. These T-shirts often go well with ripped jeans, chunky platform shoes, a chain belt, and chain necklaces. A striped or mesh turtleneck is often worn under a T-shirt.

The spirit of punk is about self-expression, and wearing your favorite bands on a T-shirt is one of the best ways to showcase your personal interests.

If desired, the T-shirt can be replaced with a hoodie or sweatshirt. By the way, the hood must be placed outside on top of the jacket.

Black leather jackets

Do not forget about such an important thing as a leather jacket! It is perfect for self-expression and the manifestation of the spirit of Punk. It will be ideal if the jacket is with patches, stripes, spikes or rivets.


Girls in the Punk style prefer torn or mesh tights. They look great with ultrashort denim shorts or a pleated mini skirt.

Leather pants or leggings

In the wardrobe of a Punk, leather pants are often present, and the tighter they are, the better. Like plaid pants or black jeans, leather pants can also be decorated with pins, buckles or chains to your liking.

Leggings. Perfectly fit into the Punk aesthetic style: leather, leopard, acid. Aggression and sexuality as they are. Tight leather pants, by the way, performs the same function.


Accessories are required. In the course are leather belts with spikes and badges, suspenders hanging on the sides, wristbands, chokers, chains with skulls or blades or just chains, a lot of safety pins, pendants, metal aggressive elements. Especially often there are earrings and piercings in the nose, eyebrows, navel. The presence of a large number of tattoos is welcome.

Bags can be of various shapes, but the main thing is that there is no glamour, and of course without soft and delicate colors. The punk bag can be a black leather backpack with rivets and stripes, a small shoulder bag, a shopper decorated with rock details and metal.

Masks can be used not only in medicine or to protect against viruses, but also serve as a very expressive accessory in the style of Punk, but in this case it is important that the Punk Mask is made of black leather, and many of them have details such as button holes, spikes and rivets. A mask is a great way to expand the boundaries of a style.

Punk makeup and hairstyle

Make-up in the style of Punk is a lot of black color. First of all, you need a deep smoky ice, eyelashes, red or acid lipstick. As for the hair, everyone perfectly remembers the famous Iroquois Punks of various colors! If you do not want to do such structures on your head, then it will be enough to dye your hair in an acid color. Suitable pink, light blue, white, blue and other unnatural. It will look tougher if you make your hair look dirty and give it a messy, disheveled look.