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The Harajuku style – or Japanese street fashion – takes its name from the block of the same name located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. In the 1970s, the Harajuku quarter became a temple of fashion, rock, and avant-garde. On our website MyWearShop.com you will find all the necessary clothes to create your Harajuku style.

Harajuku style combines dozens of different styles, each more eccentric than the other. It appeared in the early 1980s in Japan and became known in the West in the 2000s. this is more than just fashion, it is a challenge to the complex rules of Japanese society and the obligation to join its ranks. Every weekend, hundreds of young people visit the fashion quarter, abandoning the mandatory uniform of the week for colorful and extravagant clothing. Harajuku combines many different styles.

Harajuku is a collective term for many unique Japanese subcultures, each of which has a unique dress code and rules. But most often this word is used to describe the bright kawaii style of clothing of Japanese teenagers. Since its inception, the new style of clothing has become the main Japanese fashion symbol. If you think about Japanese fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is the bright and creative style of clothing of Tokyo teenagers. The style combines several popular subcultures in Japan: Sweet Lolita, Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Cosplay, Decor, Gyaru, Fairy Kei, Kodona, and Punk Rock. From a kaleidoscope of subcultures and clothing styles, the unique atmosphere of the central district grows. The first thing that attracts attention when it comes to this style is bright hairstyles. Pink, yellow or blue hair perfectly complements strange outfits and corresponds to our understanding of fashion.

Gothic Lolita-adherents of this style combine Gothic together with feminine and elegant clothing, resembling a porcelain doll.

Japanese punks, inspired by the punk movement that began in London back in the 70s, emphasize defiance by wearing appropriate clothing, accessories, makeup, and piercings.

Cosplay encourages you to dress up like your favorite cartoon character or computer game hero.

Fans of the Decora style prefer bright colors, and are hung with jewelry and accessories from head to toe. They’re wearing so much costume jewelry that you can hear it tinkle as you walk.

Kawaii focuses on children’s playfulness – anime characters, pastel colors, toys, etc.