Soft girl in the broadest sense means “gentle” or “soft” girl. This means that she prefers to look cute and feminine, in addition, she is impressionable and sensitive. Soft girl chooses things so as to create an image of a home girl, which is suitable for walking with friends, and for going to school. On our website you will find the Soft girl clothes to create your Soft outfit.

These are kind, positive, but vulnerable girls who enjoy everything that surrounds them.

“Gentle girls” love calm pink and peach shades in both clothing and makeup.

Surprisingly, it was the young men who were the first to become “gentle” – first there was a soft boy, and then a soft girl.

Soft girl looks very feminine, but slightly childish. She dresses in both modern outfits and vintage clothes. The list of her basic things is impossible to imagine without cropped tops (crop tops) and T-shirts in pastel shades, mom jeans, T-shirts and oversized sweaters. If the Soft girl prefers skirts, then most likely it will be pleated mini-skirt. In her wardrobe, you can also find a rainbow sweatshirt, a pink top with an image of angels, a jumpsuit or a voluminous hoodie.

Soft girl accessories include glasses of unusual shape, various hairpins, headbands and headbands. Your favorite bag is a mini backpack or baguette bag. Favorite shoes — white high-top sneakers or sneakers, loafers and “school” sandals.

But Soft Girls is not just about clothes, it’s also a way of life. “Gentle”, “Cute” girls enjoy the world around them, always on the positive side, treat others kindly.