In the contemporary world, there are many unusual clothing styles that differ from the usual directions. As a rule, they are used by teenagers and young girls, and many looks are created for social networks. Today many people wear aesthetic outfits in their daily life. Let’s take a look at the features and some unusual details of the styles of clothing that are popular among young people these days, and our website it will help you create your own aesthetic look.


The real meaning of the word “aesthetic” is beautiful or attractive, so anything that suits you is aesthetic fashion. This word originated from the Greek word “aisthetikos,” which means a sense of perception. The main goal of aesthetic style is to look beautiful and fashionable, often the aesthetic style refers to the fashion trends of the past.

It is a mistake to assume that only young people can wear an aesthetic style. Aesthetic clothing can be worn by everyone choosing the appropriate style.


E-girl is a new subculture, whose representatives can not be found on the street, as they live exclusively in social networks: Instagram, Twitch, Tik-Tok and Tumblr.

The E-girl style is very expressive. It combines elements of grunge, gothic and anime culture. The e-girl has bright colored (often pink or blue) hair, curled or gathered in two tails. E-girl makeup is also special: eyes with large arrows, pink shadows, an abundance of blush. Very often they use false eyelashes (often in bunches), painted freckles, or shapes. Usually, quite aggressive clothing is selected for a very “cute” face. E-girls wear T-shirts with the logo of their favorite rock band or with the image of fire or gothic prints, dark trousers or jeans of medium or high waist, mesh tops.

As accessories, choose chains on clothes, colorful hairpins and piercings.

Soft girl style

Soft Girl translates as “gentle girl”. Soft style is characterized by vulnerability, naivety and emotionality. It appeared in TikTok. There you can find hundreds of videos with the hashtag #softgirl, where you will see a lot of  soft girls.

For the soft girl style, soft, muted shades are chosen. As a rule, it is pink, peach. Things often have cartoon prints like butterflies, unicorns, rainbows, etc. In the soft girl style, there are many short skirts, mom-style jeans and jumpsuits. Sweaters and jumpers of a free cut, shoes on a flat course. There are no bright and gloomy colors in the image.

The Soft look will be complemented by various accessories: bracelets, rings, belts, berets. Bright and unusual makeup is often used.

VSCO-girl style

VSCO is a typical summer style that originated on the beaches of Southern California. It is ideal for a leisurely holiday and sunny days.

VSCO girl dresses in loose T-shirts or cropped tops. Especially popular are short denim shorts. Also, long T-shirts that replace a dress are great for creating an image. Complete the look with a” necklace ” with shells and a thick elastic band for hair on the wrist. How to find out VSCO girl? Here is a list of highlighting things:

  • Scrunches (elastic band for hair, covered with a cloth) on the arm or hair gathered on top of the head in a bun and fastened with scrunches.
  • Oversized T-shirt (several sizes larger) and short shorts under it.
  • Fjällräven Kanken backpack-yes, those Swedish and very expensive rectangular backpacks .
  • Uggly shoes – wide flip-flops or moccasins in black and white check. The most creative VSCO girls decorate shoes, notebooks, planning and other things with a black and white chessboard.
  • Hydroflask – metal water bottle. This is part of an eco-conscious lifestyle: VSCO girls sort garbage and avoid plastic things in everyday life.
  • Natural makeup, because VSCO girls does not accept redundancy in cosmetics: their make-up is light, natural.


Tomboy is a “kid” who is alien to the imposition of gender roles. Her image combines traditionally male and traditionally female elements of clothing.

Layering is a key element of the tomboy style. For example, in cold weather, choose a T-shirt, denim shirt and jacket. For warmer days, T-shirts are used, and over a shirt or denim jacket.

The tomboy look often features tight-fitting suits along with shirts, jumpers, and T-shirts. There are also many elements of the sporty style. Girls often have a short haircut, emphasizing her energy.


We can use the word of non-traditional style for the bohemian style. It is a classy style similar to art, and we use the extravagant and wild patterns and prints for styling. The inspiration for this look is from the hippie and gypsy look and also known as “Boho.”

Soft grunge

Classic grunge style is characterized by carelessness, layering and clothing in dark colors. It often uses rough shoes, leather jackets, and shirts. The clothing is loose, often worn and with raw edges. Soft grunge is softer, it  is not so bold and rebellious. In the Soft grunge look may be pastel and light shades, as well as classic things. To create the look, printed T-shirts are used, with a shirt, cardigan, or coat thrown over them. Skirts and light dresses are often used (you can use light colors). Gaiters, hats, and scarves are often chosen as accessories.


A style from the ’20s-’70s and one of the classiest looks, because it surely is a blast from the past. It includes flappers, swimwear, indie clothing, and pinup clothing to create the look.


The beautiful outfits inspired by the hip-hop and sexy schoolgirls from the ’90s. The 90’s style include bold, bright color with the following clothing; 

  • Flared jeans
  • Overalls
  • And crop tops


The fashion was fearless in the ’80s due to the influence of music like punk, heavy metal, rap, and hip-hop. Common features of this style are:

  • Oversized tops, t-shirts
  • Neon style clothing
  • Mini skirts
  • Mom jeans