VSCO girl is a new youth subculture that has become very popular recently. The VSCO girl culture comes from social media. Just recently we didn’t know anything about VSCO girls, and today social networks are full of hashtags #VSCO. What is VSCO girl? This is the name of girls whose lifestyle corresponds to the aesthetics of the VSCO application — a very popular application for iPhone and Android, which is famous for its stylish filters. Suddenly, a subculture of its own has developed around this app.

But the VSCO subculture quickly crossed the boundaries of a single social network. Today we can meet VSCO girls on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. MyWearShop.com have compiled a description of the features of the VSCO girl style, which will help you understand this new trend.

The Urban Dictionary says that VSCO girl is “the tumbler girl of 2019, you’ll recognize her by the elastic band on her arm – scrunchie, the tight tank top, the cowry shell necklace, the white Vans slip-ons or birkenstocks, and don’t forget the water bottle to complete the look.”

And indeed, VSCO girls have a lot in common. VSCO girl aesthetic clothes collection list usually looks like this:

  • birkenstocks-sandals with a padded insole and two strap holders
  • scrunchie-a voluminous elastic band for hair covered with a fabric (which is worn on the arm)
  • large water bottle – it must be eco-friendly reusable
  • metal cocktail straws
  • checkered slip-ons from Vans
  • shell necklace
  • many rings
  • fuji instax cameras
  • pastel nail polish
  • Mario Badescu skin care products
  • Fjällräven backpack
  • colorful stickers on your phone or water bottle
  • Carmex lip balm
  • cropped denim shorts
  • simple crop top

The image of VSCO girl is very simple and natural. This distinguishes VSCO aesthetic style from other subcultures: It-girl and E-girl. And indeed, the VSCO girl makeup looks very simple. You will not see bright shadows or flashy lipstick. Everything should be simple and natural. This is the main slogan of VSCO girl. VSCO girl is natural in everything. From clothing to makeup. Perhaps this is the main reason for the success of VSCO. You don’t need to spend a lot of effort to meet the VSCO standards. This is a style created for life and pleasure.