The word “indie” is an abbreviation of “independent”. Indie clothing is the choice of people who reject the values of consumer society and do not want what advertising imposes, strive for independence from mass culture and oppose themselves to the mainstream. In such a protest position, you can find a lot in common with a teenage riot. Perhaps that is why representatives of the Indie subculture are called “indie kids“.

The indie style originated in the 70s among English musicians. It all started with the fact that major recording studios did not want to sign contracts with little-known artists who could equally either “shoot” or bring losses to the company. Then indie musicians began to unite among themselves and organize their own small labels.

The alternative spirit is inherent in indie music (where even pop or rock sounds in the art-house register); The indie style in clothing is no less alternative and demonstrates a complete denial of all the rules.

As the name implies, the indie style in any branch of life is characterized by the denial of everything that is status and expensive.

Indie kids are people who are not aging in spirit, whose lifestyle is in many ways similar to the hippie or boho culture, but within the framework of the modern world. Indie is a style that is impossible to imagine without bright and rich colors, catchy and colorful prints. The main signs of Indie style:

  • love for old technology, such as film cameras, cassette recorders and similar things
  • t-shirts with prints of your favorite bands or ironic inscriptions
  • hats and scarves of all colors and styles
  • skinny jeans in different colors combined with sneakers
  • indie movies and indie music

Indie aesthetic often uses vintage things and “strange” combinations, bright colors and prints “with the idea” narrowed jeans and stretched T-shirts, plaid shirts and “granny” scarves, shabby hats and jackets-indie style is very much the same as hipster or Grunge outfit.

Indie style is impossible without such a versatile and convenient item of clothing as a T-shirt. This can be a T-shirt with the logo of your favorite musical group, an artificially aged pattern, a funny or ironic inscription. Handmade work is also highly appreciated, so you can arm yourself with paints and paint your clothes.

Over a T-shirt in cool weather, you can wear a loose-fitting shirt, and if you are a girl, borrow a shirt from your boyfriend and the image of an indie kid is ready.

The indie-style look will be well complemented by sneakers, a large cloth bag and — as a special touch — a film camera.