Y2K aesthetic style – is the aesthetics of the 2000s, with its glamour, carelessness and lightness, have returned to the trend, but the styles, colors and accessories should correspond to the current trends. This new round of fashion even got its name-Y2K (year 2000).

The Y2K subculture is a reflection of the fashion of the 90s and early 2000s.

Each era has its own style attributes. And each decade of the XX century has its own clear, recognizable images. Such an interesting period as the beginning of the 2000s has a similar image.

In those days, teenagers dressed very brightly and contrastingly, which is why their look often seemed strange and inappropriate. Fans of Y2K aesthetic clothes wear classic jeans, mini-skirts, short tops with various decorative elements and bright prints, and sunglasses. And the image is complemented by baguette bags.

Features of aesthetic Y2K style

Jeans and denim. Jackets — only tight or cropped. Jeans according to the original trend should be low-waisted. But the Y2K style does not deny the current trends, and according to them, the higher the waist, the better.

Tops with thin straps, ties or buttons. They should be light and simple, as if from the children’s clothing department.

Open stomach. Cropped tops and T-shirts are a distinctive sign of the Y2K outfit. They are great for mini-skirts, as well as wide straight pants with a low or high waist.

Mini skirts. Combined with knee socks or thin belts — a real dream of Sailor Moon! Mini skirts can be pleated or denim. In you Y2K look you can combine them with cropped tops or wide T-shirts, as well as with bright wide belts.

Cargo pants or wide jeans. Of course, we are inspired by the fashion of the 2000s, but we will still leave the narrow skinny in the last decade. The most chic is to combine wide-leg boyfriend pants or oversized trousers with tiny tops and T-shirts.

Hairpins, elastic bands, headbands and other “children’s” accessories. Best of all neon or bright colors!

Bright make-up. The main difference between the Y2K style and the actual style of the 2000s is that the first one absorbed the trends of grotesque e-girls makeup. The make-up should be relatively heavy, with prominent eyebrows and false eyelashes, with a brilliant highlighter and pink lipstick