This trend is for a love of nature and a return to your roots.

Who among urban residents does not sometimes dream of escaping from reality and becoming closer to nature? With the growing fatigue from the hustle and bustle, people inevitably begin to idealize pastoral life and see a special meaning in it. Our article on will help you understand what cottagecore is and how to become a representative of this aesthetic cottagecore style.

The new trend of “cottagecore“, which is flourishing at the present time, partly repeats the visual codes of the 60s. The main difference is now a material set of things, which should also look good in photos. Modern youth is especially attentive to how and where they live, giving preference to what brings joy here and now. Tired of the inflated expectations of society and uncertainty, people are looking for meaning in simple, mundane things that give well-being and comfort. If we multiply this by one of the main tasks in our days— caring for nature – then choice of cottagecore style becomes completely clear.

Despite the attention to visual details, the cottagecore is not so much a fashion trend as an ideological one. Its philosophy teaches first of all to slow down and appreciate the little things.

What is a cottagecore?

The word cottagecore means “the aesthetics of country life”. The trend was originally born with Instagram and TikTok and praised the external component of the rural style: long dresses in a flower, oversized sundresses, cotton shirts, headbands, flowers in the hair.

Representatives of the aesthetic cottagecore style tend to escape from city life, from the consumer society and the general race for trends. The philosophy of cottagecore suggests looking for joy in simple things — observing nature, reading, keeping a diary, caring for animals and plants, walking in the woods and cycling.

Distinctive features of aesthetic cottagecore style in clothing:

Flowered dress in cottagecore style

Bohemian floral dresses are the starting point for any outfit of a nature lover. Elongated dresses with a floral print and a high neck or a rounded / square neckline, baby doll dresses in pastel shades, festive lace. Cottagecore-girls are not afraid to be elegant. In all this splendor, it is customary to do nothing beautifully: lie by the water, ride a boat, read a book in the shade of trees or walk in the forest.

The style of the cottagecore dress is important. Finding a floral dress now is a simple matter, but now the 80s are also in fashion, which go against the rural style. Look at the neckline: the neckline should be round or square, open the collarbones, and it is better to choose a loose fit sleeves.

The longer, the better. Do not be afraid to choose a long dress, it is appropriate here, because it is so nice to run beautifully through the field, with a beautifully fluttering dress skirt.

Natural fabrics in aesthetic cottage style

The aesthetics of the cottagecore is mostly based on a return to the roots, to everything real. Followers of cottagecore aesthetic style often sew their own outfits from natural fabrics, knit with crochet or knitting needles, make jewelry with their own hands.

Now products made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, hemp fabric, jute) are easier to find in second-hand stores or in small boutiques. The product should be pleasant to the skin. Take a test: would you be able to sleep in this dress? If the clothes feel like pajamas, then you made the right choice for our cottagecore outfit.

“Dad’s” style for your cottage outfit

Cottagecore aesthetics suggests that we should not spend a lot of time creating an image — to wear something comfortable as if we were wearing dad’s shirt or sweater.

Oversize is just what you need. If you think that the oversize does not fit your figure, you can always emphasize your waist with a huge belt or a scarf. Old things. No need to run to the store for another sweater: check your old things, ask relatives or friends, or buy them in a second-hand store. Responsible consumption is another important part of the cottagecore style philosophy.

Cottagecore simple shoes

No high-heeled shoes. We rely on comfortable ballet flats, oxfords and loafers (not black, but more “natural” colors-brown, green, gray), we combine them with socks or cute knee socks. In general, shoes are optional: real fans of the cottagecore aesthetic style go barefoot.