Dark Academia is an aesthetic, the theme of which revolves around classical literature, the desire for self-knowledge and a common passion for knowledge and learning.  It is heavily inspired by European architecture, history, Greek Arts, Gothic and Dark elements.

MyWearShop.com together with you, will try to understand this mysterious and such an attractive aesthetic style as Dark Academy.

The main source of inspiration for Dark academia fashion is the school uniform of the 1940s. Fabrics for clothing are usually quite expensive and of high quality (cashmere, wool and tweed), but linen and cotton are also very popular.

What is typical for followers of the Dark Academia aesthetic style:

  • Read books in the library
  • play the piano or violin
  • write poetry
  • practice calligraphy
  • Play chess

The main features of Dark academia aesthetic style clothing:

  • choose dark colors: dark blue, deep red, brown.
  • bottom: tartan skirt, trousers, knee socks.
  • shoes: low soles, shoes, low heels.
  • upper: jackets, polo shirts, turtlenecks, jumpers and blouses.
  • a good vintage timeless costume jewelry will finish the image.

The main colors of Dark Academia clothing are: black, gray, beige, brown, cream, ivory, dark green, burgundy and pale yellow.

There are a few basic things that should be in the wardrobe for Dark Academia style. First, this is a cardigan (not an oversized one, but a slim and fit one). Secondly, tweed trousers or a skirt. And also some vintage accessory is required, for example, a briefcase.

There should not even be a hint of democracy in the Dark academia look. So no blue jeans.

Blouses, turtlenecks, shirts or polo shirts can be worn on top. The idea is to make it elegant and a little studious. Also, vests-sweaters or knitted tops look great.

In the style of Dark Academia, you can wear: trousers, plaid skirts, sweaters, coats, dark tights.

Plaid skirts or straight-cut wool skirts are what you need. You can choose cigarette pants or ankle-length trousers. Linen shorts can become a summer aesthetic.

A classic coat, a trench coat, a long scarf are a mandatory and important part of the Dark Academia image. All this all this should be in natural muted tones.

Shoes in the Dark academia style are comfortable classics with a stable small heel or without a heel, only made of high-quality leather. Shoes should be official. Therefore, you should choose oxfords or brogues.

Minimal Accessories of Dark academia aesthetic.

All accessories must be of very high quality. Usually, a minimum number of accessories are used, such as bracelets, rings, pendants, watches. Earrings of a simple shape. A classic gold cap with a small amulet that looks like an heirloom and has its own legend.

There should be nothing superfluous or too catchy in Dark academia style. The Dark Academia is all about mystery and elegance. Combine jewelry with a silk hair scarf and a minimal leather bag, etc.

When choosing a bag, you can focus on a leather backpack or a shoulder bag. Make sure that you have filled it with some old books or a diary.

Take some aesthetic old books with you, add vintage watches for a more refined appearance.

The Dark academia subculture has already been condemned for elitism and classism. Allegedly, the “academia” inculcates the need for a closed society of snobs with a high-quality education that is not available to everyone. But followers of Dark academia aesthetic respond that the desire for knowledge can be expressed in free self-education, and you can dress in a certain style in a second-hand store.