Angelcore is an aesthetic inspired by the images of angels. it is intended to imitate the same unearthly beauty with which European angels are described and depicted, regardless of whether this is done using modern or old methods of representation.

Angelcore is based on the tenderness, softness and purity of angels in modern culture. Faded colors and a nostalgic vintage atmosphere are also distinctive features of the aesthetic. Angelcore elements are present in large numbers in the image of a Soft Girl, Harajuku Kawaii style.

Angelcore aesthetic 1
Angelcore aesthetic 2
Angelcore aesthetic 3

Angelcore style features:

  • flowers and clothing with a floral pattern
  • long flowing clothes
  • necklaces, medallions
  • pale clothes
  • lace
  • transparent fabrics
  • a lot of white

Clothing in the style of Angelcore, inspired by the theme of angels and has a reference to the Renaissance, Catholic images. In Angelcore aesthetic, vintage characteristics are clearly traced. There are pale, delicate shades in the clothes, thin flying fabrics, often white and transparent. The colors of clothing and various accessories in Angelcore aesthetic soft pastel colors, such as pale blue and pale pink, are acceptable, but the main color is always white. Small elegant jewelry with intricate patterns, such as medallions and bracelets with pendants.

Angelcore aesthetic 4
Angelcore aesthetic 5
Angelcore aesthetic 6

Details of clothing in the style of Angelcore

  • Long flowy dresses
  • Vintage nightgowns
  • Ruffley sleeves and necklines
  • Shirts with designs like clouds, hearts, or wings
  • Bouncy skirts
  • Bell bottom pants
  • High-waisted shorts with bows or a tie
  • Lacey socks
  • Mary jane heels

The clothes of Angelcore style contain images of angels drawn in the Christian antique style, seraphim, cupids, wings, clouds background. Gentle and unearthly beauty. The inscription “Angel” in the form of embroidery or rhinestones is also often used.

Angelcore aesthetic 7
Angelcore aesthetic 8
Angelcore aesthetic 9

Cute angels, hearts, stars drawn in the children’s style are often used, the colors are soft pink, blue, sometimes bright, but always warm shades.

Angelcore aesthetic 10
Angelcore aesthetic 11
Angelcore aesthetic 12

What sets Angelcore apart from adjacent aesthetics, such as the more popular cottagecore and fairycore, as well as the very different devilcore, is that the beloved trend is one that unapologetically embraces femininity.

Rather than just visuals, Ricci explains that angelcore is more of a feeling you create:

“With cottagecore, princesscore, and royalcore, you can find a garden or beautiful architecture somewhere and look perfectly at home, and while location scouting for those can definitely be tough, angelcore makes me wish I could go hang out in the clouds.”

Make-up and accessories of Angelcore aesthetic .

Angelcore aesthetic style is characterized by natural makeup, light lip gloss, shiny transparent or light eye shadow. Accessories – ribbons, hairpins with flowers or small necklaces with light stones or pearls. Representatives of Angelcore style are close  soft-color clothes, lace ornaments, and fine materials.

Angelcore aesthetic 13
Angelcore aesthetic 14

Girls who are fans of Angelcore are likely to find beauty in wisdom, to be gentle with animals and plants, to write sad poetry, to be good listeners, to be trustworthy, and to fall in love easily.

Music of Angelcore style.

As an aesthetic based on feelings, ambient and related musical genres can be considered as complementary to Angelcore. The following artists are associated with aesthetics: Ambient, Lana Del Rey, Holly Henry, Sufjan Stevens, Nicole Dollanganger, Billie Marten, Flower Face, Cultures, Portishead, Goldfrapp.