The word E-Boy means in its full version “electronic boy”.

Electronic boys, also known as E-Boys, gained popularity through the TikTok app, similar to the E-Girl. The style is very close to modern-day grunge with an additional emphasis on electronics.

Urban Dictionary states that E-Boy “guys who paint their nails black, ride a skateboard, wear black clothes, chains and knitted hats, they usually comb their hair in the middle and look pale. They wear T-shirts over striped sweatshirts or checkered sweatshirts. They listen to music that you “probably haven’t heard” like Lil Peep. They complain about the lack of a gothic girlfriend and seem to be the only ones who live on the Internet today (mainly on Instagram and TikTok). In their room you will find LED lamps hanging over the bed and holes in the walls”.

E-Boy Aesthetic style 2
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The E-Boy look has elements of skater-boy, goth, and alternative styles.

There is also a lot of influence coming from k-pop style.

E-Boy Aesthetic style 5
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E-Boy Aesthetic style 7

The trends of oversized shirts, cuffed pants, as well as the recent shift into a 90s revival period all make appearances within the E-Boy trend.

At its core, the E-Boy style is a mix of grunge, skater style, and modern style.

The result is composed, and well-thought-out. A key to E-Boy style is a balance of baggy with fitted clothes.

A common trend is a cuffed black pant, with an exposed ankle for a fitted sock.

A lot of E-Boys can have a monochromatic grayscale theme with minimal jewelry.

E-Boy Aesthetic style 8
E-Boy Aesthetic style 9
E-Boy Aesthetic style 10

There are also plenty of E-Boys who follow a more punk route, wearing earrings, rings, and other jewelry.

E-Boys practice a lot of the same trends as the E-Girl trend, like showing interest in Anime and video games, having a persona of being soft yet sexy, striped clothes, dyed hair, and tattoos.

E-Boy Aesthetic style 11
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There are also some trends that are more emphasized in the E-Boy Aesthetic, such as:

  • Interest in emo rap/trap metal/phonk artists and bands such as GothBoiClique, $uicideboy$, Freddie Dredd, Ghostemane, Scarlxrd, Spider Gang, TeamSESH, City Morgue, nothing,nowhere., If I Die First, Shinigami, and Poorstacy.
  • Self-made temporary tattoos.
  • Chipped black nail polish.
  • Asymmetrical earrings.
  • Chains.
  • Split-dyed hair.
  • Curtained hair (a.k.a “middle part”). Other hairstyles such as long bangs covering the eyes are popular as well.
  • Androgynous fashion.
  • Punk ideologies. 
  • Shopping at thrift-stores and Hot Topic.
  • Interest in other alternative subcultures and music genres.

E-Boy fashion tends to draw a lot of inspiration from EmoSceneGothPunkGrunge, and Animecore; invoking a sort of “edge” to their personality.

E-Boy Aesthetic style 14
E-Boy Aesthetic style 15
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In general, E-Boy is the same Goths, only more modern. If you see E-Boy on the street and you manage to get to know him personally, consider yourself lucky. E-boy live on the Internet, and to meet them outside of it is beyond reality.