E-girl is always online. Gamers-cosplayers spend hours in TikTok. In E-girl aesthetic styleAnime, Punk, Asian K-ror culture, EMO aesthetics and elements of Gothic style aesthetics are present.

E-girl Aesthetic Style 1
E-girl Aesthetic Style 2
E-girl Aesthetic Style 3

In E-girl style accessories are welcome: a wide belt, hair clips and elastic bands. And chains. Lots of chains. With a lock, for keys, on the neck, in the ears, on the wrists.

There are also piercings in all sorts of places and sunglasses with tiny glasses.


As a rule, in E-girl aesthetic style there are no cute dresses or beautiful shoes in the wardrobe of e-girls.

Instead, Egirls prefer dark, often black and provocative clothing. There are an abundance of T-shirts several sizes larger, mesh tops, jeans and high-rise trousers, turtlenecks worn under a T-shirt with a print in the form of images of favorite rock artists or anime characters, shirts in a cage or with the image of flames.

The E-girl style includes:

  • oversize t-shirts
  • tops
  • striped turtlenecks
  • jeans and trousers
  • thick-soled shoes
  • plaid skirts
E-girl Aesthetic Style 4
E-girl Aesthetic Style 5
E-girl Aesthetic Style 6

Also, e-girls wear bright earrings, a lot of large chains that are placed on trousers and neck, as well as wide belts.

E-girl Aesthetic Style 7
E-girl Aesthetic Style 8
E-girl Aesthetic Style 9

The bold casual look is complemented by sneakers or sneakers with thick soles.


Electronic girl (E-girl) prefers bright fancy makeup. Bold arrows on the eyes and a lot of bright pink blush on the cheekbones and bridge of the nose are mandatory.

The image of a dreamy young lady is complemented by a scattering of artificial freckles and a couple of droplets-hearts under the eyes.

In general, E-girl make-up should be flashy, bright shades, sequins and false eyelashes are welcome.

E-girl Aesthetic Style 10
E-girl Aesthetic Style 11
E-girl Aesthetic Style 12


Nail design for E-girls is also very provocative. More often these are long sharp nail plates. The varnish is black or bright colors.

The choice of drawing is limited only by the imagination of the master and the client: a chess cage, fire, inscriptions, logos, cartoon images, hearts.

We offer you to be inspired by a selection of creative ideas for manicure.

E-girl Aesthetic Style 13
E-girl Aesthetic Style 14
E-girl Aesthetic Style 15

Compare E-girl with VSCO-girl and Soft-girl

All three subcultures appeared around the same time. At first glance, it may seem that their adherents are similar to each other. But this is not the case. So, let’s compare E-girls with VSCO girls and Soft girls.

Representatives of the VSCO girl direction choose naturalness and openness. They are free to express emotions, their gestures and poses in the photo are sincere and impulsive. The outfit of the VSCO girl is not distinguished by pretentiousness, and there is a minimum of makeup on her face. They bring good and positive into this world, promote love for nature.

VSCO girl Aesthetic Style 1
VSCO girl Aesthetic Style 2

Soft girls are cute, romantic and impressionable people. They wear oversized T-shirts and jumpers with jeans, and do not neglect the mini. Their makeup is neat and discreet.

Soft girl Aesthetic Style 1
Soft girl Aesthetic Style 2

E-girls dress and make up more provocatively. They choose black, large prints, and in makeup they often use the effect of wet skin, achieved due to a large amount of blush with a shimmer.

E-gir Aesthetic Style 16

What about the E-boys?

E-boy is a male version of the E-girl direction being discussed. Electronic guys are an improved version of the Goths, which can only be found on the Internet.

E-boys dress mostly like skaters, wearing loose clothes and knitted hats, combing their hair with an even parting. They often paint their nails with black varnish and pierce the ear. And like E-girls, E-boys prefer an incredible number of different-caliber chains and Рunk accessories.

E-boy Aesthetic Style 1
E-boy Aesthetic Style 2
E-boy Aesthetic Style 3