To create your own unique Egirl style, you can turn to the subcultures of Skater core style, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, harajuku and the subcultures of Punks and Goths.

Egirl aesthetic clothing includes oversize T-shirts, mesh or striped turtlenecks, which are worn under T-shirts with the logo of your favorite hard rock band or anime series, cropped tops, complemented with jeans or trousers with a high waist – these are the distinctive features of the egirl image.

This is the perfect combination of soft casual and light pretentiousness, gives the image a recognizable Egirl style.

Do not forget about the youth trend in clothes like Harajuku and Kawaii (literally “adorable, cute”), so popular in Japan. It’s hard not to notice the similarities between Egirl and Japanese teenagers.

Egirl is a youth subculture in the era of social networks. The Egirl outfit is a combination of the most popular aesthetic styles in clothing.

If you want to create an Egirl look, then will help you with the choice best Egirl outfit ideas!

Let’s start from the top.

Since the Egirl style is largely influenced by Gothic and Punk, as well as Grunge style in clothing, feel free to choose:

oversize T-shirt with a gothic print, a print of your favorite rock band, a flame print

– a mesh or striped turtleneck is worn under the T-shirt

Y2K Style for Egirl:

Cropped top or tank top

a mesh shirt or turtleneck goes perfectly with a top, as well as with punk accessories (chains, choker)

Harajuku style for Egirl:

oversize t-shirts with anime print

oversize Hoodie with gothic, punk and anime print

baggy sweatshirts with anime or gothic print


Let’s look at what you can combine T-shirts, tops and hoodies Egirl style. The following aesthetic pants and skirts are perfect for the Egirl style:

Gothic, Punk, Grunge style (combine with tops and T-shirts of the same style):

tight or loose jeans with holes (dark colors)

cargo pants (black, dark green, brown, beige)

Jeans with rivets, belts, gothic prints

– gothic and punk mini skirts

Harajuku Style / Skater core style / Y2K for Egirl

straight loose pants (checkered black and white, red and black, anime and graffiti prints)

loose cargo pants with straps, chains

straight jeans with a high waist

– pleated Harajuku style skirts


Various aesthetic accessories are important components of the Egirl image. Representatives of this style can choose jewelry, bags, belts, rings and earrings of various aesthetic styles, depending on the general style of clothing chosen. Let’s look at the possible options for a set of jewelry and accessories, dividing them into Gothic, Punk, Harajuku, Skate Core, Kawaii aesthetic styles.

Punk and Gothic style for Egirl:

Chains and massive pendants in the form of locks, pins, blades and flames will perfectly match with oversized T-shirts and ripped jeans.

Leather Punk Chokers with chains or vintage Gothic chokers are also suitable for the style of Egirl, who chooses a Punk or Gothic direction for her image.

One of the most frequent elements of the Egirl style is a wide belt with chains, rivets, skulls, etc.

Rings and bracelets in Gothic and Punk style are usually numerous and massive: chains with blades, wide leather bracelets with rivets and spikes, massive rings with crosses and skulls – this is Egir’s choice in Gothic and Punk style.

Hair decor – hairpins in the form of small demonic horns, Gothic bags with bat wings, etc. will give a special Gothic shade to dark Egirl look.

Indie, Y2K style for Egirl:

Necklaces with bright, multicolored elements, letters or butterflies are perfect for tops, pleated skirts and striped stockings.

Harajuku and Skater cor accessories for Egirl style:

Do not forget about the convenience in everyday life. Large aesthetiс bags or backpacks of stylish trendy colors and materials, as well as shoppers with Anime or Gothic prints will definitely complement the image of Egirl.

Kawaii bags, earrings or hair decor will help to create an image not only of Egirl, but also of Soft girl.