Punk style in clothing was founded by designer Vivienne Westwood, who created clothes for her husband Malcolm McLaren’s band, producer of the Sex Pistols. Vivien was not a seamstress, but she tried to sew as it turned out. As a result, completely unusual clothes for that time appeared – torn trousers, strange T-shirts with ties instead of traditional straps. The T-shirts were decorated with scandalous inscriptions.

If you want to create a good Punk style, there are some simple basic things that have been proven over the years. Here are some Punk outfit ideas to start with.

Punks are not the fashion mainstream. If you’re not a fashionista, that’s good; if your look shocks your mom, that’s good.


T-shirts are usually black or dark colors, with abstract prints or images of favorite rock bands, also gothic anime print.

Oversized plaid shirts are a very common element of Punk style. They are worn unbuttoned, worn over tops or T-shirts, and tied at the hips.

Mesh turtlenecks worn under t-shirts or tops

Tops also have a place in Punk style. But it should be with characteristic elements like rivets, belts and rings, checkered or with abstract, Gothic prints.

Punk leather jackets with inscriptions, rivets, spikes and stripes. The jacket can be found ready-made, but it is better if the jacket is decorated by yourself and all the elements will have an individual creative character.


What can you combine T-shirts, jackets and tops with? Wearing Punk style don’t be afraid to combine what seems incompatible. For example, a mini dress with massive boots and leather jackets or a black T-shirt with a pink skirt, etc.

Black jeans with holes. Most often they are tight, but they can also be loose.

Wide plaid cargo pants

Pants with chains, belts and rivets

Belts are a mandatory attribute of Punk style, they are usually wide with rivets, chains and two rows of holes. In addition to belts, girls can wear leather corsets on the top of their clothes.

Mini skirts with pockets, chains, short skirts. Skirts can be black or checkered, of a complex design


Most often in the Punk style there are rough massive platform shoes decorated with chains, belts, iron elements.

Punks are quite a diverse subculture, within which there are many currents. Common to all Punks is the desire for personal freedom and complete independence, nonconformism, the principles of “not for sale”, “rely on yourself”. Punks often adhere to nihilism, anarchism, socialism, anti-authoritarianism, anti-capitalism.


An important point of Punk aesthetic style (as well as Gothic and Egirl style) will be accessories.

These can be chain necklaces, pendants with locks, pins, keys, metal earrings, bracelets with spikes and rivets, leather chokers.